Welcome to the book home of Amber Daulton.

Welcome to the book home of Amber Daulton

~~~New Releases~~~

My brand new short story, Lost Hearts in the Bayou, is now available in the Sultry Summer Sizzle anthology. Find it here: Books2Read

Lyrical Embrace, book 4 in the Deerbourne Inn series, is finally available in AUDIO! Check it out here: Books2Read and YouTube Retail Sample

~~~Upcoming Releases~~~

Arresting Jeremiah – Arresting Onyx series book 2 – TBA

Harmony’s Embrace – Deerbourne Inn series book ? – TBA

~~~A little about me and my books~~~

I’ve been published since 2012 but writing for much longer than that. My go-to books for a relaxing evening is basically anything. (I’m not a picky reader as long as the editing is excellent.) My favorites include contemporary, suspense, historical, and paranormal/time travel books (all under the romance umbrella). I write in those sub-genres, too, but lately I’ve been focusing on small-town contemporary romances and urban romantic-suspense.

If you like to read sweet, clean books, I’ve got those.

What about those that are so spicy you’ll need a cold shower afterward? Oh, yeah! I have those too. Feel free to check out my books here: Book List by Series

Thank you so much for visiting my site. Come back soon for more updates!

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